Redeeming Grace Chapel is a congregation of Bible-loving, people-loving, Jesus-loving Christians who are seeking to follow after Jesus and to encourage one another along the way.  We cling to Jesus.  It is only through His powerful death on the cross and resurrection from the grave that we now live.  We praise God the Father whose architectural skills shine through the amazing blueprint of salvation that even before the foundation of the world He ordained that His Son would save us! We now live by the power of the Holy Spirit who works within us to make us more and more like our Savior.

Being a member of this church means more than mere pew-sitting, though we encourage any and everyone to do their fair share of it if they want to get a taste of what the gospel is all about.  No, membership at RGC is so much more.  It’s about discipling one another, it’s about loving one another with a laying-down-your-life-for-the-brothers mentality, and it’s about tough, yet tender, love.  Are we perfect at it?  No way!  But were the churches at Ephesus, Philippi, or Corinth?  Every church, with all of its imperfections, wrinkles, and spots, is dazzlingly beautiful in the eyes of the bridegroom Jesus Christ who is in the process of purifying His Church with the washing of the water and the Word.  There is hope for us yet!